MEMBERSHIP dues in WAGS are $10.00 (US), $14.00 (Canada), and $14.00 (UK) per person per year, payable to WAGS (in US dollars) and postal mailed to WAGS Membership Services, c/o 60 Norton Avenue, Poultney, VT 05764.    Questions: Email:

A quarterly hard-copy newsletter is produced and mailed to members. Members may submit queries, stories and questions for publication in each issue.

WAGS is a member of the:
National Genealogical Society (in 2020 the Federation of Genealogical Societies [FGS] merged with the National Genealogical Society – ;
WorldCat – ;
Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project [GPWHP] –;
North America Wales Foundation [NAWF] (formerly named the National Welsh American Foundation [NWAF])
Welsh North American Association [WNAA] (formerly named the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association [WNGGA], sponsor of the yearly North American Festival of Wales)

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