Library Expansion Donations Sought

Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont:

A GOFUNDME FOR OUR PHASE II LIBRARY EXPANSION PROJECT EXISTS – News from the Welsh-American Genealogical Society (WAGS). 

Will you join us and others in making a difference? Any donation will help make an impact. We have SO-0-0-0 many things in our collection now which we are not currently able to make available due to space constraints. If you’ve a Facebook page, you can see several photos in it of some of the items in our collection.
We’re raising money to benefit Welsh-American Genealogical Society (WAGS) for its Phase II library expansion project located in Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont. It has out-grown its long-time home.  There will be many expenses to secure a new home site and get organized within it.  For example, insurance, shelving and other furniture, archival supplies, computer supplies, artifact display cases, etc. etc. etc.

The officers and members of Poultney Area St. David’s Society are helping WAGS with this expansion project too. Gifts have been coming in, which we sincerely appreciate.
In September, 2019, WAGS received $500 award from Lee Lodge No. 30, F&AM from its Morning Star Lodge No. 37, F&AM Community Gifting Fund. Several generous gifts have been received since. These are detailed in the Honor Roll of Donors found on the WAGS Facebook page.

WAGS is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization founded in 1990 in Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Do you know that:
a) Poultney is site of the first public library in Vermont State and of the first-known Welsh genealogy society in North America?
b) is the birthplace of George Jones, co-founder of the “New York Times” newspaper whose parents were immigrants from northwest Wales? 
c) is the home community for seven years following birth of Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1977), Chair, Nobel Women’s Initiative; and the eternal resting place of Jody’s Welsh and Scottish ancestors? (In 2019, permission was granted exclusively to WAGS by Jody Williams for use of these facts about her in our publicity.)
Poultney is a beautiful place and has hiking and recreational trails as well as a State Park for day and camping use located on its beautiful Lake St. Catherine.
It is a mere 11 miles from the NYC to Montreal Amtrak line and 6 miles from the NYC to Rutland (Killington) line.

In the WAGS GoFundMe campaign page, one will see that its starting goal value of $150,000.00 decreases as donations are received from other sources outside of GoFundMe.  GoFundMe shows you as gifts are received through them and how much more is needed to reach our goal. Our Facebook page includes the Honor Roll of Donors which is updated frequently.

Donations may also be made through WAGS’ Facebook page and the GoFund me is there; or gifts may be made by check (in US currency) payable to WAGS and mailed to WAGS’ postal address: WAGS, 60 Norton Ave., Poultney, VT 05764-1029.  Please send please email the WAGS office should one have questions – .

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to all WAGS and PASDS officers, to the Welsh and local communities’ citizens in the Vermont / New York slate valley region and to family and friends worldwide.    

Visit the WAGS Facebook page often. There one will learn more about the society, which is now 32 years young.

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